11 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives For Passive Income 2017

There’s a huge amount of affiliate networks but most used and popular one is Amazon associates program. Although, amazon has great affiliate program but still many peoples searching for Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives. I don’t want to answer you right now, why they’re focusing more on amazon affiliate alternatives. Is amazon affiliate program not good? No, There’s none other best affiliate network except amazon associates program. Recently amazon has many issues with phone verification system. That’s why the amazon affiliate program alternatives is the trending topic in last few months. I already got many email about amazon affiliate phone verification issue. Still there’s no better solution for this issue without contacting amazon affiliate support. Anyway, I’m here today to share some best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives for passive income.

Before I start with Alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program want to tell you something about why amazon is best affiliate network? There are many reasons to be the best affiliate program ever online.

  • It’s Easy (Free) to Set Up and Get Running
  • It’s a Trusted Brand Worldwide
  • It Has a Huge Selection of Products
  • It has Many Tools, Features and Reports
  • You can Earn Bonus Commissions

If amazon affiliate program is really best affiliate network then why you’re searching for alternatives? May be you’re facing issues or getting crazy with amazon! Anyway, I just trying to focus your mind to think why actually you’re leaving amazon affiliate? Actually amazon associates program is kinda suck because of many issues. Let’s see why you might want an alternative to the amazon affiliate program:

  • May be You’re Living in the Wrong Area
  • If You do Just One Thing Wrong or You Might Not be Eligible for the Program
  • The Cookie Stops Working After 24 Hours
  • The Commissions are Generally Quite Small
  • There’s Huge Competition for the Best Niches
Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives For Passive Income

Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives For Passive Income

Here’s the ultimate list of Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives to increase your passive income. There are 11 best Alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program to make money online. Let’s check out the following alternatives and know why these are best amazon affiliate alternatives.

1. The eBay Partner Network

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplace to buy and sell products. It has a great affiliate program which is called eBay partner network. Anyone can join to their affiliate network and get passive income. Find great eBay products, share them with your friends and followers and earn money when they sell. Join today!

2. Walmart

Walmart is another best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives to earn extra income. Walmart Stores, Inc, doing business as Walmart, is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. It has 3 days cookies validity.

3. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

CJ is well-known and popular affiliate marketplace for various products. It’s an online advertising and internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services. One thing you should know about CJ affiliate, is that they are harsh to inactive accounts and will close them.

4. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. ShareASale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant. This marketplace for affiliates has multi-vendors, from digital products to physical products. You’ve to apply to promote their goods and should be approved.

5. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Affiliate Network is the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network (CPS) five years in a row. It’s another best alternative to the amazon affiliate program. Anyone can join to their affiliate network to avoid amazon associates program.

6. Clickbank

ClickBank is another amazon affiliate program alternative for affiliate marketers. It’s a privately held Internet retailer of both physical and digital products. Online retail outlet for over 10000 digital product vendors and their 100000 active affiliates. Their cookie validity is 60 days and commissions range from 10% -100%.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is not look like standard affiliate network. It’s something look like Google AdSense and Yahoo Network Contextual Ads. Discover what Infolinks smart ads can do for you and start making money from site or blog today! Join now free of charge and monetize your content with them. They have monetized text links, search results, article tags and sidebar framed ads.

8. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is like as Infolinks. It’s one part affiliate marketer and one part PPC ad network. Industry leader in affiliate marketing solutions for publishers, merchants¬† and agencies. Skimlinks effectively monetizes the content on your site. You can easily make money online using Skimlinks affiliate network.

9. VigLink

VigLink is also like Google AdSense network. But this network is more content driven affiliate system. VigLink identifies commercial products mentioned within content and links them to destinations determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.

10. Avangate

Avangate powers Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing & global payments for Software, SaaS & services. Join to Avangate affiliate network for digital goods and services for global distribution. Establish your brand with our powerful tools and support. Leverage a growing database of 22,000+ software products, advanced marketing tools and expertise and the industry’s highest commissions. And select best-selling titles that align with your content – all while enjoying flexible and complete payment for each sale booked.

11. Direct Affiliate Marketing

Above all of affiliate networks are related with any marketplace but direct affiliate system is really different from them. Because sometime people want to promote their products through your website. Without any risk or creating account you can do this affiliate marketing. For this you should add a page to offer affiliate promotion system. You can earn more money by adding links in your content. While you’re using direct affiliate marketing should use a link manager WordPress plugin like Pretty Links Pro. Personally I love and recommend it for you.

Final Thoughts,

No matter if you can’t use amazon affiliate program due to living in the wrong place, phone verification issue, or being banned. There’s huge alternatives to the amazon affiliate out there for you. Just check out them and choose which one you like best to start earning from tomorrow. Don’t forget to share this valued topic with your friends and family! Let me know which amazon affiliate alternative you like best and using to make money online.

11 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives For Passive Income 2017
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